“The fields are white for harvest” and “you will always have the poor among you” are two statements made by Jesus to his disciples on two separate occasions in the book of John. Sadly this is the case, effectively meaning, at Street Connect, we will never have a shortage of people to support.

I began this theme of Street Connect’s ‘Vision, Mission & Values’ last month, with an introduction and a look at the Vision of our organisation. This week we will be looking at our mission. I know a high number of you will already be aware of the difference between Vision & Mission, but for those who don’t:

Our mission is: what we are doing now

Our vision is: what we want to see

As I mentioned last month, this is what John Maxwell says on the topic:

“Vision is the organisations head; it’s what we see with.

Mission is the organisations heart; it’s what we live for.

Values are the organisations soul; it’s God’s imprint upon our lives.”

Just to wet your appetite, we will be looking at the values and what they mean to us next month….

Enough of the distraction, back on the topic of our mission, here again is the Street Connect mission statement:


To offer hope & opportunity of improvement to the disadvantaged and marginalised in society.

Before opening this up to you, I have to admit that it really pleases me to say that we have been fulfilling our mission over the past 5 years, but have also seen elements of our Vision statement being fulfilled in the number of lives transformed through the work of Street Connect, and seeing people fulfilling their potential as valuable members of society.


Back onto the mission. As I mentioned last month, we support a variety of ‘disadvantaged and marginalised’ individuals with the majority of these being affected by various life controlling issues such as: Addictions, Homelessness, Isolation, Mental Health, Poverty, Offending, Trauma, lack of education/opportunities etc.

At Street Connect we believe in a holistic model of support, seeing the person as a whole, where these life controlling issues affect them in all areas of their lives: physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. By working on supporting people, bearing in mind these different areas that make up all human beings, it enables us to take a more holistic view of the individual and how each area impacts on the others, and how you cannot just focus your support in one area whilst neglecting any of the others.

We offer our holistic support through a variety of interventions including: street work, drop-in café’s in various locations of deprivation, 1:1 support, rehab referrals, recovery support groups, aftercare support, Christian discipleship (for those who are interested) and have developed a model that can be replicated by upsizing or scaling down to suit the needs of the local area.

As a fulfillment of one of our current aims: “Empowering the local church to reach the lost”, over the past 15 months we have opened hubs in Possil Park, Govan and are opening in Clydebank next month. We are also in discussions with a number of other churches in and around the Glasgow area, and even further afield, so watch this space in the coming months.


I would like to finish on the part of our mission statement where it says: “To offer hope & opportunity of improvement”

You will see I have emphasised the word offer in the first part of our mission statement, as we can offer people hope and opportunity of change, but ultimately, they are the ones who have to make the decision to embrace this opportunity, and take the necessary steps to making hope into a reality in their lives, which then leads us to looking at the individual through the lens of our Vision statement:

To see those marginalised by life-controlling issues fulfilling their potential as valuable members of society.

This is something I am continually challenging myself and the staff team with, that we need to be seeing people not as they currently are, but as what they can become. Looking at them through the lens of their potential, their strengths, gifts and talents, encouraging them to become all that they can be, ultimately fulfilling their God given potential, and becoming valuable members of society.  

Mar 16, 2018


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