The work begins on a Saturday evening as an outreach of Glasgow City Church. Doing street Outreach and running a drop-in cafe.


Street Connect becomes an official charity.


Solidify 3 stage Service model for outreach-support-aftercare.


First church partners outside of Glasgow City centre and first move-on flat


Expand church partners beyond Glasgow to surrounding areas and pilot partner project in Kent


Working with CREO, Cinnamon Network & others to develop systems and resources to prepare for replicating our work nationally around the UK


National expansion

The charity developed from the outreach work at Glasgow City Church (formerly known as The Christian Centre). In May 2013 Ricky and Julie McAddock (pictured) started working with marginalised and vulnerable people in Glasgow City Centre. Ricky and Julie had direct experience of not only the life controlling effects of addiction but also the life transforming power of putting their faith in Jesus Christ. This personal experience continues to inspire them to help people towards freedom from their life controlling issues.


Reaching out to the marginalised had been a long standing ambition of Glasgow City Church in line with their old mission statement of: “Bringing the healing love of God to a hurting world”. The Church was keen to reach out to those in the surrounding area and to see vulnerable individuals making positive changes in their lives. As the work of the Church’s outreach cafe continued to grow it was clear that there was both a significant need and tremendous potential for these activities. The decision was taken to establish the project as an independent charity. Street Connect was officially born and given registered charity status on 23rd May 2014. Since that time Street Connect has made a difference in many hundreds of lives and it continues to grow and reach more people.

We know addiction is ravaging communities across the whole of the UK and churches are embedded in these communities. We believe we have a method of addiction outreach and support services which can equip churches to make a difference in their communities.

Ricky McAddock


We currently have 20 staff members in a variety of roles in Operations, Income Generation and Business Support. You can read more about our staff team and their roles in our work here. We also have around 70 active volunteers who are involved in a variety of our services, partner projects and various fundraising activities. We have built up a fantastic team, and we are especially thankful to our volunteers, as without them, we would not be able to give the level of support we do.

We work in partnership with a range of local and national organisations and our current services include street outreach, drop in cafes, One-To-One support, group work including our community recovery programme, referrals to residential rehabilitation and aftercare support. We currently have 3 move-on flats to provide accommodation for those who have successfully completed a period in residential rehabilitation. In the future we hope to be able to offer further accommodation geared to the varying needs of those we work with, including a small supported accommodation unit for those at an earlier stage of their journey.

You can read more about our core services and church partnership projects.

Become a part of the solution

We would love to support you to become a part of the solution to addiction in your community. Whether you are a church, organisation or an individual, we can all play our part. If you would like to receive further information, get in touch with us either by telephone, email or our social media platforms.
Together we can end addiction.

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