Firstly we want to say thank you, we are always grateful when people seek to partner with us in prayer, and see this support as a vital part of our work.

If you would like to pray for us, please see below the areas in which we need prayer on a general basis.


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Pray for our Participants – as they seek to build a more more stable and healthy lifestyle, whether this is in attendance at groups, considering residential rehab or starting to reintegrate back into society, pray for peace and strength in the lives in amongst this.

Pray for our Volunteers and Staff – we would not be able to function without the support of our volunteers, and so we believe it is important to support them in the best way possible. Please pray that they would feel valued and fulfilled in what they contribute to our work and that we would be able to support them through their involvement with us.

Pray for our Support – we are dependant upon the support we get from funding bodies and individuals to allow our charity to. Please pray that people and organisations would feel driven to support us in this way to allow us to do the important work of reaching out to and connecting with others.

6 Essential Considerations when Supporting People in Addiction

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