Ending addiction by restoring connection

Why have we made this our vision?

Many people end up trapped in addiction because they have turned to drink and drugs to cope with trauma in their lives. Some end up homeless, some in prison, all are broken. Addiction breaks their connections to friends & family and to their community. This loneliness & rejection forms a vicious cycle driving them deeper into addiction.

In our experience many people try to get drug-free again and again but then relapse. When they do manage to get drug free, training people in job skills on its own is not enough to rebuild their lives. This is because they still have a big gap in their lives. They need people around them, supporting them emotionally, training them in life and holding them accountable.

Rehab is like a retreat, but Street Connect brings you back into real life. They gave me responsibility and held me accountable and that has stopped me from going back to my old life.


To recover people need to belong to a loving community. We work with local churches full of local people who care, reaching out on the streets and through drop-ins. Not waiting for people to come to us we go out to them. We help people recover by bringing them into that loving, non-judgemental community and we offer them personal and group support from people with lived experience too. If they choose, we also share how they can connect with Father God, sharing how He has changed our lives.

It’s this sense of connection, of belonging, of having people care about you that gives our participants the strongest chance of building a successful recovery.

Can you help us end addiction in someone’s life today?       

For more on how lives change at Street Connect see our Theory of Change


6 Essential Considerations when Supporting People in Addiction

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