Street Connects one–to–one support provides opportunity for beneficiaries to share what is happening in their lives and find support in a relaxed and confidential environment. One to one support starts with informal support through to formal assessment and continues through structured key-work support on on ongoing basis to provide meaningful help for people dealing with their addiction and related issues.

This one to one support provides an opportunity for Support Staff to get to know each individual and to build a relationship based on an understanding of their situation and needs. Support Staff will respond with care, sensitivity and understanding to the issues, concerns and complex situations that participants experience and share.

The safety of our beneficiaries will be a key focus of one-to-one support at all times.

All I can say is I’ve been three times and had a good chat with my Support Worker. She’s so nice and understanding. She’s trying her best to help me deal with all my problems. I’ve had a lot of stuff in my life to deal with! Which I’ve not even dealt with yet. So I’ve still got a long way to go. With her help I’m sure I’ll get there.


We can also offer befriending as additional support to our more focused One-To-One support. We have a number of trained volunteers who we pair up with a relevant service participant.

This helps the participant reduce their isolation whilst gaining that extra support and building more positive relationships into their lives. Research suggests that being supported by a positive social network is one of the key indicators of long-term recovery for those with drug and alcohol addictions and other life controlling issues.


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If you think our One-To-One support is for you or someone you know, you can make a referral now and someone will get back to you to discuss further.