Street Connect relies on the generosity of all our supporters to keep stepping out and reaching hard-to-reach communities and vulnerable people through mobilising the local church. 

Did you know that you can leave a gift in your will to Street Connect when you make or a revise your will?

Making a will is a vitally important way of making sure your intentions are carried out as you wish. 

Our values mean that we have pledged to be here in the future providing hope, care and support. We won’t leave anyone in need to struggle alone. When you consider the legacy you’re leaving behind, please consider standing together with us as we continue to work and strive to connect with vulnerable, hurting people.  

Will you – 

Stand alongside us to offer hope and opportunity?

Help us connect with people?

Ensure many more people find freedom by leaving us a gift in your will? 

Please contact Eva [email protected] to find out more information about leaving a gift in your will to Street Connect. 

6 Essential Considerations when Supporting People in Addiction

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