At Street Connect, we believe the local church is the hope of the world

We currently partner with a number of churches to reach out to and support disadvantaged individuals in their recovery from a variety of life controlling issues, primarily addiction and associated challenges around homelessness and poor mental health to fulfil our vision of seeing marginalised people fulfilling their God given potential.

Churches Offering Hope

By partnering with Street Connect, this could help support and enable your church to display God’s love and compassion in action, and offering hope to those in your community who are suffering with addiction and associated issues.

Our vision is: “Ending addiction by restoring connection”

How your church can make a difference

We would love to support your local church and work together to see broken lives being made new. We have several way in which your church could partner with us.

Making Connections

How many people do you know in and around your church who are suffering through addictions, loneliness, poor mental health, who are homeless? We want to help support you to start making connections with disadvantaged individuals in your local community, and begin their journey of freedom and transformation. 

Building Freedom

Our Building Freedom program is about equipping churches with the skills and confidence they need to help people find freedom from their addictions and associated issues such as homelessness, poor mental health, and loneliness and isolation.

Partner With Us

If you have a passion to impact your community, and any of the above projects look of interest to you and your church, then please complete our Partnership enquiry form by clicking the button below and you could be on your way towards making a significant difference in the lives of hurting people in your local community. You can also access further information via relevant partnership packs.

6 Essential Considerations when Supporting People in Addiction

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