Find out how you can make a difference with your skills, time or finances.
There are lots of ways you can take a stand against the tide of addiction and homelessness in the UK. Tens of thousands of people are caught in life-controlling addiction right now, but we believe that can and must change. We’re committed to seeing transformed lives, thriving churches and an end to UK addiction. And we need your support to make that happen!

Whether you want to volunteer, fundraise, pray, run one of our services, inspire your church to get on board, donate or campaign, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved.

Fundraising and events

Explore our local events and creative ideas for raising life-changing funds.


See our current volunteering opportunities and donate your time to change someone’s life.


Donate today to give the gift of hope to people living under the weight of addiction.


Get free resources and join us as we lift up people in addiction across the UK, praying for those who serve them and to see lasting change.

Engage your church

Your church can tackle addiction and bring hope to your local community. Find out how here.

Engage your business

Your business can tackle addiction and bring hope to your local community. Find out how here.

Join the Team

Want a job that lets you put your skills and your faith into action? Be a part of transforming lives – see how you can join the team.

Leave a Legacy

Did you know that you can leave a gift in your will to Street Connect when you make or a revise your will? Find out more here.

6 Essential Considerations when Supporting People in Addiction

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