Join us for the journey and we’ll put your monthly gift to good use straightaway … 
This is how: 


  • £10 a month helps us to build trusting relationships with people struggling with addiction and all the problems surrounding it through our street outreach and drop-in cafes, giving them the courage to accept help. 


  • £25 a month can help us run regular recovery groups which build over 2 years into a complete recovery programme, so individuals can learn tips & gain the tools to both gain and maintain recovery. 


  • £75 a month helps to pay our support workers who offer people long-term, ongoing, patient & faithful one-to-one support, encouraging them to take control of their recovery and giving them the chance to change their lives forever. Our 1-2-1 support workers often advocate for our participants with their GPs, drugs workers, housing & other agencies – even courts – to help improve every aspect of their lives. 


Your on-going generosity and kindness can help support someone like Andrew throughout their journey of recovery and transformation, from brokenness to hope. 


Thank you! 

6 Essential Considerations when Supporting People in Addiction

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