Our Community Recovery Groups use a holistic Bio, Psycho, Social, Spiritual model to recovery, with the spiritual aspect being from the Christian perspective. We have a mixed group of participants including those just showing an interest in recovery, those thinking about residential rehab, those currently in recovery in the community and those resettling back into community after a time in residential rehab. 


The primary material we use in our recovery groups is our in-house developed 12 week Re-connect program. This program adopts a holistic approach, delivering the standard recovery program elements, along with an exploration of the spiritual aspects of human behaviour to give the fullest possible and most compressive understanding of recovery. The therapeutic program activities include: recovery skills training, skills for life training, 12 step recovery training & spiritual recovery training. 

Choice is a central part of program engagement therefore days attended are flexible in accordance with an individuals needs and interests. Key-work (focused 1 to 1 support) is the only mandatory part of the program and through this, recovery plans are regularly reviewed for effectiveness in meeting participants needs and aspirations.

To keep groups fresh, we will also use other group material at times.


If you would like to access our recovery groups, we understand that some people are still on medication and others may be actively using to a certain level, so we expect participants to respect the rest of the group by not turning up heavily under the influence or appearing to be heavily under the influence, or you will be asked to leave for that day or it may be decided that you are not quite ready for this type of support yet and will be offered alternative support until you are in a place to engage in groupwork.


We are currently running recovery groups from various locations and you can access one of our weekly groups online via Zoom. You can find out if we are currently running a group near you by visiting each project page.


If you would like to get involved with any of our groups at any of the above locations or would like to refer someone you can make a referral here.