As Volunteer Co-ordinator, I want to write and tell the world, whoever is reading this, about the role I get to play in the special charity I am part of. Thankfully, the work is not dependent on me, but on the 70 or so volunteers who are part of this work – and a very hard working staff team, mustn’t forget them!

I would like to tell you about the fantastic faithful, in other words – the volunteers. They come from such varied backgrounds, from different parts of the UK, covering a wide spectrum of age groups and in general come in all shapes and sizes! Though differing circumstances, they all have one intention – to help people who are homeless, struggling with addiction, loneliness and in general finding life very difficult.

Street Connect was started by Ricky and Julie McAddock. Their past experience in these troubled areas has equipped them to help, and it’s not just Ricky and Julie but many of our volunteers have been down these dark roads as well. We as a Street Connect team, get to work alongside them. Many of their lives have been broken yet now they have been made complete. They are now our colleagues and our friends and we delight in what God has done for them. They see life from such a different perspective that many of us will never see, thankfully. They are also a lot of fun!

These are my fantastic faithful. They serve so well as, after a working week, come on a Saturday evening to the café here in the city centre of Glasgow to serve the homeless and people in need. The faithful students, in the midst of their exams, give their time to reach out to those on the city streets, the faithful men and women who serve tea and come alongside and support people who attend the drop-ins and recovery groups. They are all FANTASTIC!

Why not come along and join our team of volunteers? Become a Fantastic Faithful Volunteer with Street Connect.

We are not hindered completely by Covid-19. We, as volunteers, are still finding creative ways to do our work. Thanks to technology we are able to “meet each other” and give support.

Our volunteers meet on Zoom twice a week. Here we just catch up with each other and spend some time praying for the people who may still be on the streets and for those struggling with addiction and loneliness.

Some of our volunteers have linked in with participants and are giving one to one support. There are many who are very vulnerable at this time and so this has been a vital part of our work at Street Connect. We also continue our recovery and support where our volunteers have been involved to help support.

So the work goes on.

God bless you and keep you in these strange and troubling days.

This blog post was written by Barbara Matheson, Volunteer Coordinator at Street Connect.

Apr 21, 2000


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