As I look around me, I am regularly reminded and taken to a place of thanksgiving because of the people round about me. I do have to genuinely say that here at Street Connect, we are truly blessed with a high quality team of committed individuals. Thank you Lord for blessing us the way you have with the people on our team. The workers we have across the board (including staff and volunteers) are of the highest quality and without them, we would not be able to do what we do as effectively as we do.

The title of this article comes from a well known John Maxwell quote, and the title of one of his earlier books:

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

This is so true.

No one can do it alone.

To fulfil any vision, no one can do it alone. We can only get so far on our own. Here at Street Connect we believe we have a God given vision, which he has enlarged over the years from just initially wanting to meet a need on the streets of Glasgow city centre to now wanting to work with local churches around the UK to see many people’s lives transformed and set free from the bondage of a variety of life controlling issues.

In the early days I did a bit of everything, but still had a number of high quality people round about me, but to achieve this much larger vision, we need a team of people coming under a shared vision operating out of a passion for seeing broken lives made new. Effectively meaning we need more people, to reach more people.

Another well known quote is:

“There is no “I” in team.”

And another one of John Maxwell’s quotes I love is:

“One is too small a number to achieve greatness”

Anyone who thinks they can make it alone is in for a big shock, and potentially heading for burnout because you won’t last long doing it all on your own. We need other people.


There are many qualities we look for in our team members, but I just want to focus in on 3 main qualities. As a Christian organisation, the first thing we look for is:

Character – In any growing team, there needs to be trust. We have intentionally created a culture of openness and trust, built around Godly character across all roles. Character is essential to ensuring any team works effectively together.

Commitment – We want to see people who are committed to the cause. This also covers passion, because passionate and committed people do not need to be motivated. They already come highly motivated, and because of this are very reliable, focused and willing.

Competence – Obviously we need people who are able to do the job effectively. We want people who are able to do their job to a high standard but we put this one after character and commitment because it is much easier to train people in competencies than it is in character and commitment. However, we do know that without competent people on the team, we won’t achieve much and reach our potential as a team.

This leads nicely onto the next point I want to make…



An effective team is not just made up of clones of the leader. Although it is true that who you are is who you will attract, we also need to be very intentional in bringing people onto the team who have a diverse skill set from our own, different strengths to cover your areas of weakness (and yes, we all have areas of weakness!). We need people round about us with different personality types, who think differently, see things differently than us. We need people who are very organised, creative people, goal focused people and people who are very relational. Together we can achieve so muchmore, when we have a team of diverse people!

With this diversity it brings challenges, and we need to work hard at ensuring we continue to put in the effort needed to build our team, keeping up morale and ensuring everyone is up to date and in line with the overall goals and vision.

To do this, we need to…


At Street Connect we have in no way mastered this area, and it is a continual challenge as our work continues to expand. We have people often working remotely, based at different projects and locations, working in different departments and with a different focus. But to be a highly effective and functioning team, we need to ensure we are being intentional in keeping up regular communication to ensure we are in the best position to achieve our God given vision.

Let me finish with the quote again:

“One is too small a number to achieve greatness”

This blog post was written by Ricky McAddock, Director and Co-founder of Street Connect.

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Jul 19, 2019


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