Our Outreach Worker Stephen Webster writes about an experience he encountered in Glasgow City Centre this month:

“Saturday night Outreach Café runs every Saturday 8.30-11.00 pm at 348 Cathedral Street, where we serve free food, tea and coffee at Glasgow City Church. As well as welcoming people into the building, if we have enough volunteers we will send outreach workers into the city centre to make contact with homeless people out on the city streets unable to use the café for various reasons. We provide a warm, friendly approachable environment both inside and outside the building on Saturday evenings. The outreach workers may be volunteers or paid staff or a combination of both. We make contact with people on the street to let them know what Street Connect is all about and give them information about our services. We also spiritually reach out to people on the streets, where appropriate, to offer prayers and spiritual freedom to help them connect with God in a meaningful way.

“On Saturday 2nd February 2019, two of our outreach workers met J on the street under the Highlanders Umbrella in Argyle Street. Christians had stopped to speak with him the day before and had been very helpful. He informed us he had been suffering from pain in his chest and spine due to being attacked by a gang recently. He was finding it difficult to walk upright or bend over but after prayer, managed to do both without pain. He then wanted to know more about the Jesus who had just healed him and how to have a relationship with Him. After receiving Christ, he told us he had no family so we explained about family in the church and he burst into tears, as this idea of family meant so much to him.

“It was a great privilege to find and share with him because he was so ready to receive what God had planned for him.”

Feb 22, 2019


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