In our last blog we spoke of one of the greatest resources in our communities, ‘the local church’.

In our first blog in Feb 2018, we spoke of ‘connecting online’ through regular blog posts related to the work of Street Connect.

Then throughout the rest of the blogs we wrote in 2018, an underlying theme has been around “connecting with people”.


Underneath the words ‘Street Connect’ on our logo is our strap-line:

“Connecting with people”

This has been the heartbeat of what Street Connect has been about since the work began back in May 2013. The church in Glasgow city centre saw a need in the surrounding areas, and we wanted to offer help by letting people know, things didn’t have to remain the same, that there was hope, and their lives can be so much different.

It has been such a blessing to see many lives being transformed over the past 6 years, you can read about some of them on our testimonies page.


As a Christian organisation, we always hope we are able to connect people to God. For those that show an interest in this connection, we have found this to be a transformational connection in the lives of some of the people we support. A high number of staff and volunteers have experienced this transformation in their own lives, and faith is one of our core values:

Faith in the transforming power of Jesus Christ underpins all our activities”


In “connecting with people”, we are aiming to tackle some of the most significant issues in society today, including: homelessness, addiction, loneliness & social isolation, poverty, mental health, offending etc. Check out our who we help page for further information.


As the vision God has given us continues to expand, we have also been looking to expand our network of partners, who can help enable us to be much more effective in the overall support we are able to offer. We partner with a number of local churches, and have now set up a church partnership section on our new website as we anticipate working with a number of local churches across the UK, tackling some of the above mentioned issues. We also partner with educational institutions, statutory services, other charitable organisation, corporate businesses, funding bodies and many individuals who have heart for the work we are involved in. The mission is too big for one organisation, but together we can make a significant impact, as different links in the chain.


This is the first blog on our newly designed website platform, which we are believing will greatly increase our effectiveness of ‘connecting with people’ through the internet. Our new website has way much more information asour previous one did as we want to keep supporters, funders,

partners, referral agencies, volunteers, prospective staff, service users and anyone else with an interest in our work much more up to date with what we are doing and what is available. To find out more about the new features of the new website, read our latest news story.


Whatever your situation, we would love to connect with you. Whether you are interested in working with us as a staff member or volunteer, looking for help, partnering with us as a local church tackling some of the above mentioned issues in your local community, part of an organisation looking to support a charity as part of your corporate social responsibility, fund us, support us, carry out a fundraiser for us. Whatever it is, we are always looking for further collaborative working with likeminded people and organisations in order to make more of a significant impact in the lives of those we support.

At the bottom of the page you can also sign up for our regular monthly email newsletter, to keep in regular contact with us and keep up to date with what is going on within the charity.

We look forward to working together in the years ahead as we look to “connect with people” and see many more lives transformed.

Jan 12, 2019


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