I think the charity is so well named, the more I am here the more I see it. Since joining Street Connect in August 2018 there are visible and invisible connections that become apparent all the time. I have always had faith and knew that prayer was a direct route for much needed help. Sometimes it wouldn’t take problems away but would always give the strength to get through these difficult times. I have learned to trust more in the company of like-minded co-workers as I am strengthened by their same experience of faith amidst difficulties.

Some people don’t believe in God and, as a qualified counsellor, I see how they struggle more to find meaning with these views.

More and more I have found help from team members whilst needing support – I believe our common vision opens the doors to help each other. When things get tricky or something is lacking there is always someone in the organisation who comes up with an idea or an answer before it is asked. Once I closed my eyes to remember our values and when I opened them there was a copy lying right in front of me on the desk.

The values are Faith, which we all have. Worth which is how we treat our service users and each other. Integrity which for myself needs polished, but many others have almost perfected. Growth which is continually moving, and I only have to think about what I’d like to learn and there is a training course ready for me to participate in. Partnership which as an organisation we build with each other and our services users as we try to reach our common goals. Excellence which is aided by our open-minded approach and willingness to connect not only with the divine but also each other, that allows us to improve at all times. Where we all strive for the common good and are directed by God, there is no need for ego in our organisation. Sometimes our intentions and wishes are met before we even give them a voice as someone else has already asked for it to be sent our way. I have found the more we work and pray together the greater our results are and it interconnects us. It weaves results for our future goals, asking for help and being ready to do the work where we are sent.

Part of maximising our strengths as a team is worked out using the Gallup strength finder test. My strengths were connectedness, empathy, consistency, communication and intellection. I think this gives a great structure to understand each other and also appreciate differences! Defining different personality types reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a human existence and helps us to know what to expect from each other. More recently we have focused on softer outcomes which include loneliness and this further justifies the human need for connection, and further bridge the gap and open the door toward healing.

In all I think I can say, we are all connected, but there is a high concentration of support from the divine coming through this space and I hope that it further reaches out to transform the lives of marginalised people

Everything we offer to others in support, be it socially or situational, spiritually behavioural is all interconnected in this, even our new recovery action plans are made up of a connected web design.

At Street Connect we don’t discriminate against those without faith as we are here to offer support to whoever seeks it. We know they will find greater strength bestowed upon themselves and it may be upon recovery that they question where this came from. People talk of a lovely vibe in this organisation and if that is enough to introduce them to the healing power of Christ then they can reorganise themselves and visualise a better future for themselves. On the day of writing this, one of our service users spoke of a fellow recoverer, talking about the coincidences in his life and he said ‘no that’s God-incidence’. On our wonderful vision day the Director commented that during a brainstorming session, staff were coming up with ideas that they had already been discussed although the staff wouldn’t have known. Very often people say they followed a sign or intervention or different decision that was not of themselves to come to us, and that does seem very much like grace.

This blog post was written by our Housing Support Coordinator, Marnie King.

May 22, 2019


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