If you have been following us on social media, you will see that we have launched a new group this year called Come As You Are.

This group is based on verse Matthew 11:28, where Jesus calls out to the people of Israel who were weighed with burdens of their own to come to Him:

This might seem and sound pretty simple, however the freedom and peace that can be found in His presence alone is indescribable. And this is the answer and place we can go to when we feel heaviness with our day.

What is your day looking like? Whether you are overwhelmed, anxious, tired or any other feeling that weighs on your shoulders, Jesus came to lift that burden. His invitation is for you today. Weariness is unlike tiredness, it goes to a deeper level that can’t just be fixed by sleep. We were created to connect with God, the source of restoring our soul.

The one fact that I take comfort and joy in daily is that we were never meant to do life alone. This involves facing struggles and hardships that may come our way. God loves us enough to extend this invitation to be embraced and let Him lift what we can’t carry.

What are you carrying today that you can give over to God?

Can you set aside time today to be in His presence?

How amazing that we can have a relationship with Jesus where we do not have to pretend that we are okay and “hold it all together”. We can lay our day, our situation, our worries at His feet and in return He promises a rest and peace like nothing else we could experience.

What will you find when you go to Christ?

You will find rest, love, hope and a promise that you are not alone. He will meet you where you are at.

This all might sound odd, after all there is nothing that the world could offer which compares. You might have questions, and the good news is we have a group set up just for just that. Our new group “Come As You Are” is the perfect opportunity to explore matters of faith, experience worship and prayer in a friendly, safe space.

I hope this post can be of encouragement for you today, that with God and His presence you truly can come as you are and find true rest. No judgement, no questions asked. There is a place for you.

Apr 29, 2021


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