I began my student placement at Street Connect in November of 2019. I came across the website and I knew instantly that I wanted to spend time there. After seeing first-hand the effects of addiction on a family dynamic I was compelled to get involved with Street Connect and help make a difference. I called the office and spoke to Iain about it, sent a few emails and made arrangements to begin placement.

On my first day I was welcomed with open arms and was so relaxed straight away. I was introduced to the team and Jamie and Michael told me that I would be helping them with the recovery group on Tuesdays. The recovery group wasn’t what I expected. I expected more of an AA format which I had seen before, but this was much different. It was more focused on particular topics of recovery such as your emotions, anger, triggers, relapse and self-esteem, to name a few. I found that this format was very interesting and the group members were able to concentrate on a particular subject, share how they feel about it and then be given tools and techniques to help them cope in difficult situations. We were also joined by Peter, a volunteer, who prepares lunch on the days of the recovery groups. He is so kind and you can tell he makes the food with love and care and he is a valuable part of the organisation.

On Fridays I help with the drop-in services that Street Connect provide at various locations all over Glasgow. I really enjoy the drop-in as this is where people can come and spend time with each other, get out of the house, have a nice chat and get something to eat. I feel that the drop-in service is extremely important, not only for tackling recovery, but also loneliness in today’s society. So many people live their life through a screen these days but genuine contact with other like-minded individuals in recovery can aid the success of sobriety. There are arts and crafts, discussion groups, quiz groups, board games and colour therapy. All with something hot to eat!

My time so far at Street Connect has been great and I’m enjoying every minute of it. In my personal life I have been open to the idea of a higher power, something bigger than us who is looking after us all. When I first started spending time at Street Connect, finding out they are a Christian organisation was something that I was apprehensive about in the beginning. There is always a stigma in the media about more extreme Christians, etc. but I decided to look past all that and make my mind up for myself. I have never felt more welcome and at home with a more genuine group of people. People who want to help heal the world, and through their own life experiences and strength from God are doing so, as we speak, in our communities. The passion and motivation they have through the help of God is remarkable and I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing thing for a short while.

This blog post was written by Kerrigan Renniegade, a volunteer with Street Connect.

Feb 19, 2000


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