When I saw this role at Street Connect advertised in February, I was struggling with grief after the sudden loss of my mum who I sadly lost to alcoholism. While I was focussing my energy on finishing the semester at University and being kind to myself through this difficult time, the role and the charity really resonated with me. I felt hopeless and guilty that I couldn’t do anything to change the outcome of my mum’s life, but by doing this I could maybe contribute to helping others overcome the difficulties of addiction. While my role was focussed on the social enterprise aspect rather than hands on support work, I felt motivated that the work I was doing would raise important funds for Street Connect to develop. The strength that my mum taught me growing up drew me to this opportunity and inspired me to apply.

I didn’t expect to be helped so much in return. Reflecting on my experience, I truly believe that my internship at Street Connect was meant to happen in so many ways. While working through a traumatic time, faith found me and I really needed this experience to find hope.

Every week at Street Connect they have a staff prayer meeting. I looked forward to this as it was a way to connect and pray together for the charity and those we sought to help. This was an uplifting experience, I could really feel the love and support within the team and participants. This feeling inspired me to look into spirituality more as a way to find hope and feel connected through the difficulties I was facing in my life.

Before working with Street Connect, I wasn’t aware how much I needed connection and faith to help me with my grief. While working with them to help others it has in turn helped me build a belief system I have come to rely on everyday.

I am now looking to attend a local church once things are back to ‘normal’ and I am looking forward to learning and developing my faith more. By having faith, I have been able to find hope within my pain, find a loving community and people that you can be truly open and honest with. The love I have found from having faith has made me feel less alone in my grief, I feel supported through spiritual connection.

This experience has played a huge role in changing my outlook and values and I look forward to exploring my faith more in the future. I am very grateful for this opportunity and the understanding, patience and support I received while working here. While I still struggle and grieve, I feel so fortunate to have spent the last few months with Street Connect as they have been so supportive, believed in me and taught me about hope.

Aug 30, 2000


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