2020 hearing you may be asking? Isn’t it supposed to be 2020 Vision?

Well, yes it is! But before we are able to have 2020 vision, we first need to have 2020 hearing! As a Christian organisation the first value on our list of core values is:


The part I want to focus on here is the section on ‘faith in the leading……… of Jesus Christ……”

We believe we have a God given vision and He continues to enlarge this vision as the organisation grows. I have seen and read a lot on 2020 vision so far this year, and I’m sure there will be much more to come, but what about 2020 hearing? I am increasingly aware that to get our clear 2020 vision, we firstly need to have clear 2020 hearing, which is the place where the 2020 vision flows from.

Last summer I was at a conference in Wolverhampton where the main speaker spoke about ‘leading from a place of listening’ and how we need to be spending time connecting with God and listening to Him for direction and guidance for both our individual lives and for the direction of the organisations we lead. How true this is!

My prayer over recent years has been: ‘Your will be done Lord! Nothing more! Nothing less. In this prayer I only want the will of God in both my personal life and in my ministry life. How often do we take on more than God wants or has for us? But on the other hand, how often do we miss God given opportunities due to a lack of courage or faith? I want neither for me or Street Connect, or for you in your individual and work life.

To lead effectively, we need to first listen effectively. Both vertically and horizontally.

Firstly, we need to be spending enough time listening to God for His direction. He speaks in many ways: through His word, other people, circumstances, dreams and visions, His still small voice and many other means. The important thing is that we are posturing ourselves correctly and giving Him the space to speak into and direct our lives. Our 2020 vision will be the most successful if it comes from God, not from ourselves.

After we have listened to God and have clear direction from Him for our life and work, we need to be listening horizontally too. How much time do we spend listening to the voices of the people round about us? We learn more by listening than we do by talking! As leaders we need to be hearing what our people are saying, ensuring we are listening to their voices, and ensuring the vision we have been given is being implemented effectively. It is by listening to others that we are then able to make the necessary adjustments needed to keep us on course towards the fulfilment of our God-given vision.

So let the year 2020 be a year of 2020 hearing first of all, before we can cast and implement our 2020 vision. Beginning with hearing and ‘leading from a place of listening’.

This blog post was written by Ricky McAddock, Director and Co-founder of Street Connect.

Jan 30, 2020


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