I’ve been a project worker with Street Connect now for 6 months and have around 10 ladies who are engaging with me in terms of one-to-one support.

What I have come to realise is that sometimes it’s the ‘small wins and the baby steps’ that we need to hold onto and celebrate!  

There is a  lady that I’m working with who has been toothless for many years!  When you are deep in addiction and your life is chaotic, looking after your teeth and visiting the dentist isn’t exactly top of your priority list.  This lady is doing well in terms of her journey of recovery.  After several trips to the dentist last week we were able to celebrate together with a new set of dentures and a clean drug test – she now has something to smile about! 

Another one of the ladies I am supporting has been able to have an honest conversation with her grown up son about her struggles.  When I met with her initially there was no way she wanted to talk with her boy about her addiction, but then a few weeks ago I met her, and she told me that she had talked with her boy; it was like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders – she looked noticeably lighter.  She told me that now she had spoken it out loud to him she felt motivated more than ever to do something about it.  This brought me so much joy to hear!  

What I have also realised is that having ‘blips’ is all part of the journey.  One of the young girls I support was beating herself up for having a couple of cans a few weeks ago.  Previously she would have turned to harder stuff; so I was able to encourage her, rather than beating herself up to pat herself on the back that she was able to stop there!  

Whilst these ‘small wins and baby steps’ might seem insignificant to an onlooker – they are far from it.  They are a hugely significant for these individuals and we hold onto them and celebrate them together!