The ladies that I have connected with, who are engaging with one to one support are very much at the start of their recovery journeys. 

However, as I reflect there is much to give thanks for.  I am currently supporting two ladies that I actually knew before coming to Street Connect.  In my previous job, I supported them pastorally as members of the community who attended the church drop in/food bank, where I worked.  These ladies weren’t engaging with addiction services but were more than happy to engage with Street Connect and get support with their addiction issues, as they knew me (sometimes knowing somebody can really help!).

It has been such a blessing to work with these two ladies. Whilst I knew them previously, I have found that they have opened up a lot more and shared a lot more about their struggles, since I have starting engaging with them in this new role.  One of these ladies sent me a beautiful voice note today saying – ‘I’m glad that I’ve got the support from you now…I didn’t think I needed it….but life problems come up and you know…it turns out I do still need some recovery work…so thank you so much…thank you for caring.’  It is important no matter what stage of the journey our participants are on, that they get the support they need and feel cared for.   

There are a few other ladies that have been engaging with me.  Whilst I don’t have any amazing stories of lives being completely transformed (yet!), I find the fact that they reach out and ask for help to be ‘good news’ in and of itself.  Asking for help is a really brave thing to do, so I take my hat off to those who come to us, at Street Connect, looking for support.  It is also such a brave thing for these women to share their stories with us.  It is a blessing that they feel comfortable enough to do so and it is a privilege to provide a safe space for them to open up, during our one to one sessions.