We are delighted to share with you a story of hope with one man who has been attending our services in Wishaw, as well as the growth we have experienced in the last year.

At Christmas time in 2021 the partnership between Street Connect and South Wishaw Parish Church was really in its infancy, having an estimated 16 service users by the end of December with most of those were just met in the Christmas period. During that time, we were kindly given dozens of selection boxes and mince pies and our team walked all around the town centre giving them away for free.

During street outreach, we had met a man a couple of times who was really struggling with his addictions. On Christmas Eve 2021, he made his decision that he’d come with us and we welcomed and prayed with him in the Church. The following Friday (Hogmanay) was his deciding day, and he’s never been on the streets since. This past Christmas, he came to our first Christmas Party along with 24 other service users and 25 supporters. It was a lovely time together to celebrate the season. He also brought his brother and also has a relationship once more with his family.

It was also an incredible year for us at Wishaw, as in 2022 we had 148 service users come through our doors!

Here’s to 2023. We are looking forward to sharing more testimonies and breakthroughs in Wishaw.