“My name is Stewart and I have been a volunteer with Street Connect for four years. I have served as a volunteer in street work in Glasgow city centre, in the teaching session on a Thursday afternoon. Until the last few months, I helped in the drop-in café, ‘Café Connect’, on a Saturday night. I am able to give more time now that I have retired from paid employment as a medical officer.

I view volunteering with Street Connect as being a participant in God’s work in the city centre. I have been inspired and influenced by the people who have overcome addiction through God’s intervention in their lives. It is very encouraging to me. I feel it is a privilege to play a part in Street Connect. It has allowed me to practice previous skills that I have to serve the marginalised people that I deal with. I have benefited from developing relationships with service users, staff members and volunteers of Street Connect.

My hope is to continue to serve in Street Connect. In doing that, to grow spiritually and personally through volunteering. It is to grow and develop relationships with service users, staff and volunteers. Praise God!”