For years I’ve reluctantly walked past homeless people in the city centre wishing I knew how to help. 

My heart went out to them but I didn’t know how best to engage or what I, as one individual, could do.  Then I got involved with Street Connect.  I volunteer once a month on a Saturday evening during the Drop-in Café.  Sometimes I make cups of tea and coffee, give out food and talk to the regulars who come in for some company and a chat.  Sometimes I go out with another volunteer and walk the streets looking for people who are sitting in doorways and on street corners.  We introduce ourselves and ask if they have somewhere to sleep or if they need anything and tell them about the Café and the support offered by Street Connect.  It might be that we are able to provide practical help in the form of warm gloves, hats or socks or even a sleeping bag.  Sometimes they share some of their story with us and we are able to talk to them about God and how He loves them and cares about their situation.  Before we leave we offer to pray and some people are grateful and allow us to do that. 

Although I’m only involved in a small way, I hope that for some people just the fact that we’ve noticed them and stopped to show compassion and tell them that God cares is a seed sown in their hearts.  People on the streets are often subjected to unpleasant treatment and even abused by those who pass by.  

I hope that we can be Jesus to them and show them that He views them differently and that He can give them a hope and a future.

Do you want to get involved in volunteering for Street Connect?

Please see our volunteer roles and how you can get involved in transforming lives here: Volunteer Roles | Street Connect