We are delighted that over lockdown we were able to welcome David Connell (pictured left below) to the team as our Online Group Facilitator. The restrictions of lockdown that forced so many of us to communicate over screens has shown us the benefit of making our services available for people to engage online with. These circumstances have shown us that people from locations that are not connect with us, have been able to engage with our work and found connection through that with an online group. We have even had people from as far away as Orkney involved in our groups and keeping connected with our team in a virtual way.

Further to this, these online groups have also created a happy medium for people to get involved from the comfort of their own home, which is sometimes preferable for people in cases of someone struggling with paranoia, anxiety or those lacking in confidence.

We are hopeful that these online groups will continue to grow and establish supportive communities for people who are otherwise isolated from others. We’re so thankful that we have David to allow us to action this need for connecting people virtually and are excited to see how these groups develop as time goes on.

As one of our values as a charity is growth, it is important for us to lean into the changes that we have experienced due to the restrictions of lockdown and are hopeful that this will lead us to connect with more people on a wider scale in an effective way.

We are also so thankful to all who have supported us – financially, practically and prayerfully – during this time. This support has allowed us to expand our services virtually and support more people looking for connection. This support has changed lives.

If you are looking to be part of one of our virtual recovery groups, please email [email protected] to find out more info about what’s on and how to get involved.

Jul 28, 2020


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