Our Deputy Operations Manager, David, recently caught up with J, a participant who began engaging with Street Connect in December 2020. When J first joined our program, he was grappling with addiction to cannabis and street valium, as well as a toxic relationship. However, during their recent meeting, David witnessed remarkable progress in J’s recovery journey.

Since April 2021, J has made significant strides in various aspects of his life. Notably, improvements in his emotional well-being, establishment of healthy boundaries in relationships, development of personal skills, enhancement of overall health and well-being, and progress in employability, education, and training have been observed.

Moreover, J’s dedication and commitment to his recovery are evident in his substantial reduction of methadone intake—from 80mls per day to 30mls per day. His journey serves as a powerful testament to the effectiveness of our programs and the transformative potential within each individual. J’s story exemplifies the tangible progress that can be achieved through dedication, support, and perseverance on the path to recovery.