With Covid it is estimated digital jumped 5 years into the future.

The need for digital education and connection with people became much more urgent and the digital gap for the people we work with was more apparent. We took action and worked to secure laptops, enabling men and women we work with to keep in touch, access benefits & jobs, education and leisure activities and to counter-act social isolation.  

The Projects Team led by Adam (informally known as the A-team) teaches life, digital and job skills. During lockdown, while life skills training for those in Aftercare continued through one-to-one support & recovery groups, partner organisations and businesses were closed.

We had to think up new ways of training in job skills. While some Aftercare participants trained as support workers at our church projects, the Projects Team was founded to support the rest with a variety of different work experiences. 

To see the projects team in action: Street Connect Projects Team – YouTube 

We would also like to say a big thank you to our friends at the Pret Foundation who recently awarded us £10,000 towards the Aftercare Coordinator’s salary. The Pret Foundation was set up to divert a proportion of the profits from the Pret a Manger sandwich shops to charity with a particular focus on homeless people and ex-offenders, and they have faithfully supported our work for a number of years. As well as donations, they have been involved hands-on in job training as part of rehabilitation through their Rising Stars scheme, operating mainly in London up till now.  

We’re pleased to announce that Pret Rising Stars is coming to Glasgow and we’ve been invited to send any suitable participants onto their scheme. This will make a fantastic addition to our Projects Team opportunities, not only giving those participants 12 weeks paid and supported work experience but the prospect of a job at the end of it if there are vacancies. 

Please join us in prayer for all those that are involved and for the participants. For the training, skills and opportunities they will receive. 

Nov 21, 2022


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