“Surrender” can be a word that for many might seem intimidating and hard to follow in today’s culture. However, this is a long standing key within the Christian tradition which facilitates a deeper life in God. This is something I have experienced in my own journey, resulting in a peace unlike any other and an intimate relationship as I learn to surrender my ways for His. There are steps that we can take to surrender, but first it is key to highlight:

Surrender is not a one off thing. Our walk with God will be just that – a journey.

After initially surrendering our will to submit to God’s diving will through our lives, God will continue to ask us to give up things: be it ways or habits. He will also ask us to maybe go outside of our comfort zone to take on something else as we pursue our purpose. Who said it would be easy? But the good news is that we can do what God has called us to do, as He is the One who will strengthen and equip us to do it.

I am currently writing a book for Street Connect’s 10 year anniversary in 2024. It has been incredible reflecting back and writing down all that God has been doing over the years, while being expectant on what He is about to do. I look back on my own life, thinking of what I have surrendered in different areas of my life: from my career journey to approach to ministry. Looking there is the question: why did I resist so much? There is such a blessing in hindsight! God has been faithful in working out the greater good.

The Holy Spirit might prompt you in what you need to let go of, please don’t be as stubborn as I was! Remember that God knows what is next – we don’t. We have to learn to trust Him as He will see us through from the beginning to the end. The life God has for us is so much greater than anything we could conjure on our own.

We read in scripture that Jesus instructs his followers to pick up our cross daily and follow Him. What does daily surrender mean? We have to be intentional in setting aside our own agendas to follow Jesus closely. This might seem impossible to do, but when we lean on Jesus for help and wisdom we can be surprised at what we can do through Him.

For the last few months I have been praying the apprentice prayer. I must say, it is challenging! But helps me on my journey to daily surrender. “Your will, your way, your time” is a part of the prayer that can be challenging to surrender to. I am fast paced and want things to happen now. Praying for God’s will over mine has been changing how I see ministry, and life in general as I pursue what He has called me to do.

“Moment by moment surrender”

A book that I was reading (which dates back to the 18th century!) is called The Sacrament Of The Present Moment. This has been a great reminder for me that this is where God operates: in the now. In the present moment. We need to walk by faith so we can be in line and in sync with what He wants us to do. It’s a great book and I highly recommend giving it a read over the summer.

As I write all this, I know that being intentional about surrender is easier said than done. Be patient and gracious to yourself with wherever you are in your journey. God’s transformation and process can take time. Work with him where you are today. Tap into His presence and know that He has great plans for your life.


Jun 23, 2023