Before Street Connect, I had no confidence and was basically stuck in house every day, I was getting more and more isolated. I could go to one of the boys in Street Connect’s house on occasion but didn’t like imposing on people too much.

I am much better and happier in life too since I started coming to Street Connect and to the church. Helps me get a routine and get out regularly and has lifted my mood. I really look forward to coming every week and I especially love the singing in the church.  I am also getting a lot fitter and healthier now and walk a lot more outside than I did before.

I hope to come down off meth (60ml) as I have been on this for long time. I know I’m not getting any younger, I hate being tied to a chemist and having to explain to people why I can’t go to things etc.   I want to get healthier and see more of my family and they’ve also noticed how I’m looking better.

I’m seeing a girl I like again.  A positive relationship and she notices the difference with me and it gives me positive company.

Please join us in prayer for Stephen’s journey and that he continues to grow in his faith, relationships with others and his wellbeing.

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