The reason that I volunteered for Street Connect was really through the  relationship my church had with David Connell. David is so passionate about outreach to the lost , broken ,those in addiction and  also I sense a real call myself to this area of care within the sphere of the mission call to the church.

Personally, I have been drawn to outreach in whatever form since I was a young Christian and this is an ideal way of reaching those in need without it being too difficult a thought. 

I have a simple talk where I say “this card may not be for you, but you may know someone in addiction in your neighbourhood, friendships or family who need extra support.”

The way in which we just can give out cards without having to say too much but also how it leads to deep conversations, prayer and talking about faith is simple straightforward and effective. 

Interactions with people can range from folks just taking a card to having a half hour conversation leading to prayer and sometimes even taking someone for a coffee.

Sometimes those who receive the information are so ready for change that they get on board immediately with one to ones and groups and even church on a regular basis. Others can have the card for months but then come to stage where they realise they need the help offered. 

On occasion we have seen people who are homeless get the help they need on the day they attend through contact with various other agencies. Each person though struggling with similar addictions have such different abilities to cope and the Street Connect outreach volunteer is there to help them make that first contact. The first contact can be the first step towards someone’s freedom from addiction and to find a new community.