I found myself in a deeply desperate situation, yearning for an escape from the tumultuous grip of drugs and the overall chaos that had enveloped my life. It became abundantly clear that my only means of breaking free from the vicious cycle I was entangled in was to embark on a fresh start elsewhere.

The invaluable support and guidance I received from my dedicated Street Connect support worker played a pivotal role in my transformation. Through their assistance, I managed to make significant strides in reducing my drug usage. They also imparted the knowledge and skills necessary to construct a stable framework for my life within the community.

Today, I can envision myself as a man of purpose, eager to contribute positively to my community and extend a helping hand to others in need. My journey through addiction has provided me with a unique set of experiences that I am determined to utilize for the better of those struggling with similar challenges that I had. My ultimate aspiration is to secure a job that not only aligns with my newfound path but also honors the principles and teachings of Jesus.

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*name has been changed to protect identity