The Street Connect projects team have been at the city centre office modernizing the area. 

Aftercare coordinator Adam speaks to them about their experience during this time and how being part of the team has impacted them.


How do you find your involvement in the projects team, is it beneficial?


Craig comments: “This is my first time in projects, I just resettled to Glasgow and into a Street Connect Move-on Flat after 14 months in residential rehab. It is beneficial. I am getting a sense of well-being again. I have my family back! I love doing practical stuff and this is giving me the biggest opportunity to do it.”


David has been with the projects team for a year:

“It has helped me a lot to work with others in the team. It makes me come out of my comfort zone which is growing my confidence. I enjoyed building water features and installing a pond the most.”


Stewart has been involved with the projects team for 6 months:

“Yes, as far as I am concerned it has helped me go further in life because I have experience in gardening for 6 months through the job centre but at the end of it, I experienced I could do these sorts of jobs. Street Connect has helped me in every way and it has helped me realise the scriptures. Doing the Projects to build Ikea furniture was enjoyable and improved my mental health. I enjoy Painting and decorating.”


Jodi has been with the for 3 months:

“I think it is beneficial. I am currently volunteering at Street Connect, I have been accepted into college and life is going well.”


Sonia has been taking part in different projects for the last 2 years. 

“Yes. It has brought me out of my comfort zone and developed my confidence. I have learnt new skills on each new project. It has given me purpose to get up and out of bed. Everyone I have met has been kind and welcoming. And I am looking forward to the next project. It has helped me in my recovery, through keeping myself busy including being great for my mental health.” 


Michael has been with us for one and a half years. 

“I think the team definitely beneficial because it has got me out of the house and speaking to more people. I have started attending church also. I am closer to my family because of my involvement with positive activities such as working in the Projects Team. My Dad thinks it is great and he wants me out at his work to build him a new shed… this would not have happened before.”


Tricia has been a member for two years. 

“The different projects has helped me to learn a lot of things that I did not know. i.e. gardening, painting and decorating, woodworking and using hand tools such as drill drivers and other power tools, that I had never used before. It has given me a purpose to get out of bed in the morning because otherwise, I would have been in bed all day. I look forward to getting out to the projects because I was learning something from it. Being is about people at the Projects who are further on in their recovery and being away from the madness that I was used to being in about was a game changer.”