I have been on drugs for about 26 years and my life was on a downhill spiral. Due to drugs, my relationship with my children was also strained. I realised my life needed a shift in another direction when I had a stoke in the summer of 2022. I thought I needed a change in my life.

Since coming to Street Connect, I feel like a completely new person now. I know that God has given me a second chance at life. I haven’t gone back to drugs, alcohol or tobacco since. I have a new perspective in life.

I have also been attending church regularly, for Sunday service and bible studies. I want to study the bible, grow in my journey with God and also have a baptism at some point.

I have hope for my future. I want to spend time with my children and grandchildren and share my faith in God with them. I hope to see my whole family coming to God. I took my grandkids to church a few days ago and they really enjoyed it!

Please keep Patricia in prayer as she continues to grow in her relationship with God and sharing her faith with her family.

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