We are so pleased to welcome Pamela McFadden as our new Women’s Support Worker. But this isn’t Pamela’s first time on the Street Connect team! Read Pamela’s story below about what got het involved in our work and what brought her back!

“I came to faith in Jesus at a very young age, and from my early teenage years I had a heart for serving the Lord. It was in 2012 however, following a major life event and heartbreak, that I got involved in reaching out to those struggling with addiction and homelessness. I started volunteering on the Teen Challenge Bus in Glasgow, and even though I hadn’t experienced addiction and homelessness myself, I realised that because I’d experienced brokenness in my own life I now had such a heart for others who were broken. No experience is ever wasted! From that point on all I wanted to do was reach those who are struggling and tell them about the One who longs to heal their hearts and give them new life.

“My journey with Street Connect started around seven years ago, at the very first Saturday night outreach cafe. Even at that point when Street Connect was just beginning, there was a real sense of excitement and anticipation that this was the start of something huge – and I was a part of it. After studying at Tilsley Bible College for two years, I returned to Street Connect to volunteer, and then came on board as their outreach worker for two years. At that time the staff team was still really small, and we all mucked in with the different jobs that needed to be done. Street outreach, the recovery groups and the outreach cafe were the favourite…but fundraising applications, office work and cleaning all had to be done too! It was a really great time and I learned so much through it all. It was such a joy to get to know people through the recovery groups and street outreach – and especially when we saw people go from addiction to walking in freedom.

“After two years I really felt that the Lord was leading me back to Tilsley College for a third year – and also to go on placement at Hope House Teen Challenge (I had been for a month previously and loved it). After graduating, I had the opportunity to serve at Hope House as a support worker and centre cook for a year. I really am so thankful for the staff at Tilsley college and Hope House who poured into me during those years and helped me to grow. I had great opportunities, met wonderful people and was strengthened in my faith. In my heart I knew that I would return to Street Connect at some point, and now that it has come around I can look back and see how the Lord has been moulding me and equipping me for my future. He’s brought me a long way and I’m humbled that he’s chosen me to come alongside some of the most broken in our society. Street Connect has grown so much since I was last there and the work is really flourishing. Excited to be part of this amazing team again and see what the Lord has in store!”

May 28, 2020


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