Following the opening of our drop-in café in Possilpark, Glasgow, in January 2017 we are delighted that our third outreach cafe will be opening on Tuesday August 29th 2017 at the Pierce Institute, Govan. The cafe will be operated in partnership with Govan Free Church every Tuesday from 11am – 1pm. We’ll serve food and drinks and also offer space for one-to-one conversations with our support staff. Here we can get to know people in the community, building up positive relationships and allow them to share what is happening in their lives in a confidential environment. We can also discuss what other services would best suit that individual and point them in the right direction. We’ll continue to operate many of our services from our city centre location at the premises of Glasgow City Church, 348 Cathedral Street. Our city centre location places us in a convenient, easily accessible place where there is a large homeless population. We recognise however that there are many people dealing with addictions, mental health issues/other life controlling issues across Glasgow. In order to connect with people where they are, working in partnership with local churches in some of Glasgow’s most deprived areas is a key area of development for us. We are planning to develop further partnerships across the Glasgow area over the next few years, so please watch this space 🙂

Aug 23, 2017


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