Prior to meeting with Street Connect I was homeless and had been staying with friends in Greenock, before a change in the situation meant I could no longer stay with them. Without going into details, I found myself homeless in Dunoon. It was here my life started to finally change, and here I had my first contact with Street Connect. The individuals I met that night significantly impacted my life. The Christian organisations I encountered also offered invaluable support. Looking back, I am grateful for their support when I was homeless, anxious, lonely, and worried about relapsing.

Since that first encounter, my involvement with Street Connect has continued to transform my life. Through the guidance and the dedicated support of the team – Lee, Julie, Sharon, Pam, and now Garry – along with all the others I have met within Street Connect, I have started building a new life, a life I never dreamed of or thought possible.

The counseling and direction provided by Street Connect have helped me find meaning in my life, build confidence, given me psychological and emotional tools, and the skills and resilience to finally deal with my mental health and addiction issues, reducing the chances of a relapse or becoming homeless again. They have provided me with the most effective support network I have ever had. 

Street Connect’s approach and the dedication of its workers and volunteers has equipped me with the support and guidance necessary to profoundly change my life. My recovery is stronger than it has been in a long time. I’m confident this will continue as long as I remain engaged with the organisation and the support I receive.

Thanks to Street Connect, I am becoming a valued and contributing member of society. I am incredibly grateful for my life and to all involved with Street Connect for the organization’s unwavering support.