My life was completely hectic and really messed up and all about getting drugs. I had no future and no stability at all.  Before I came to Street Connect, I just couldn’t talk to people.

Coming to Street Connect and also coming to church has helped bring me out of my shell. I used to have to rely on drugs for self-confidence (it was all fake) but I’m now learning again how to communicate with people again in the normal world without relying on drugs to give me the false confidence.  The fact that I’m getting more confident in myself is encouraging me and giving me hope and something to look forward to and I appreciate what the workers do.

I hope to be clean and have a better relationship with the Lord. I now participate in the breaking of bread in church that I would never have thought I would do.

I would like to go to rehab if my brother is stable enough without my support and this is my main concern. I’ve came down from 140ml to 45ml methadone now.  Coming to Street Connect gives me hope and something to look forward to and appreciate all the workers.  In future I hope to get off everything and start to help people who are where I’ve been.

Please join us in prayer for Michael’s recovery journey and that he continues to grow in his faith and relationship with God.

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