I was a chronic drug addict. My house was a mess, with things all over the place. I started taking drugs at the age of 14. I was emotionally numb, not caring whether I lived or died. I was also an atheist and never believed in God.

Street Connect changed my life. My life is excellent. I’m on the road to recovery. 

I come to church four times a week now. I attend for bible study, exercise and Sunday service. I started the excercise classes on Saturdays, I help tidy up the church after our meetings. I am focusing more on taking care of my health. I am finding pleasure in helping and caring for other people. 

I feel like I have a community of people who love me. I am enjoying my life, I love the Lord, I feel more sober because of my faith in God. 

I want to help people come out of drug addiction, once I recover completley. I want to grow more in my faith with God. I want to study the bible. I want to live with my brother and help each other towards our journey towards total freedom.


Please keep Michael in your prayers as he continues to grow in his relationship with God, his church and his recovery journey.

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