Before I came to Street Connect, my head was completely messed up. I just didn’t know myself. I was using drugs chaotically, mainly crack cocaine.

After getting to know the services available and receiving support, my life is better and much more stable.  I’ve now managed to save up money and am planning to buy a scooter. I’ve got my provisional driving license and will soon be on the road.  I meet a lot more good people now and have joined the local darts team in a nearby pub.  The people all accept me just as a normal person and the barman even makes a cup of tea when I come in!

My hopes for the future is to be on the road, have a stable life and find a stable relationship with a partner.

Street Connect exists to offer people from all walks of life hope and opportunity of recovery so like *James they can look forward to their future. We currently have a variety of services such as: Street Outreach, Drop-in Cafes, One-To-One Support, Residential Rehab referrals, Community Recovery Groups & Aftercare Support.

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*Name has been changed for confidentiality