A number of months ago, MJ connected with Street connect in relation to some long-term drinking issues that he was desperate to address. In his own words:

I have been drinking every night, up to a large bottle of vodka and have come to terms with the fact that it had become a huge problem for me, I had tried several times to kick the addiction with very limited success and to be honest had lost a lot of hope of finding the right help and support to get my life back


MJ came into the Hub at Deal, just as we were entering into a partnership with the Keys Community Detox, and so after some discussion it was clear that MJ would be the perfect candidate to trial the new partnership with Keys and run a regulated and controlled alcohol reduction programme with MJ.

MJ was really blessed to have his partner supporting him through his detox and also MJ really committed himself to the coaching process with regards to spiritual input and SOZO (counselling) support session.

MJ has now been completely clean after completing a 3 week reduction programme around 5 weeks ago, I spoke to him just a day or two ago and he said:

I feel great, I have so much energy and cannot thank the guys at keys, my support coach and my partner enough for supporting me to get free from alcohol.


MJ can now move on with his life and have freedom to pursue health and life and God. – Paul Hyslop, Project Coordinator in Deal.