Over the week of Christmas 2017, Glaswegian Reality TV star James English “went homeless” on the streets of Glasgow! He, with the help of a freelance cameraman, documented his experiences over the course of a week; with nothing on him except the clothes on his back, a sleeping bag and a camera. The finished documentary, “Homeless at Christmas”, is now available to view on James’ YouTube channel. During his week sleeping on the streets of Glasgow, experiencing and enduring what so many do on a nightly basis, James encountered several agencies and organisations offering help…one of which was Street Connect! Since then, James has really been championing the work of Street Connect and the work we do with some of the city’s most marginalised and disadvantaged people. James says that his documentary will shock people and it does and so it should. As he himself says: “no human should be living in these conditions.”

If you would like to watch the documentary, please click here.

Please note that the documentary contains some strong language and the after effects of drugs misuse.

Sep 11, 2018


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