Planning your summer holiday?  

Did you know – it’s easy to raise money for charity as you do it?   

You, our generous supporters and donors, can help us end addiction by restoring connection. We can keep our drop in cafes open, recovery groups running and solidify more partnerships with churches so we can reach out to more individuals and communities who need access to recovery support in a non-judgemental environment. 

Charitable Travel is a not-for-profit social enterprise that lets you donate a portion of your holiday price to the charity of your choice, completely free of charge.  

Maybe you are looking for a weekend away in Europe? Or an African safari? If you are looking for some travel inspiration, there are great ideas for your next adventure on their website too. 

Charitable Travel sell holidays from almost 200 suppliers, so no matter the needs of your trip you can have a great time.  

The donation process is fairly straight forward and makes donating to Street Connect as hassle free as possible. Once you’ve placed a booking with them, they will email you a link to a special JustGiving platform. There you will be able to make a donation of 5% of your holiday price to the charity of your choice. Once you’ve made the donation, JustGiving lets Charitable Travel know and they reduce the cost of your holiday by 5%.  

This is a great initiative for travellers, holiday planners and tourist enthusiasts: you have the holiday you want, a selected charity gets a donation, and it hasn’t cost you anything extra! – well maybe a little of your time… 

Why not give it a go?  

To find out more about Charitable Travel, check out their website.

May 17, 2023