Mike* recently turned 50 and this is the first year, in a long time when he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol.

And, just the other day he shared his story with me.


I am so glad I came to Street Connect last December.” – he said.

“ My life was a mess then. I was an alcoholic. A couple of times I got in trouble with the police because I had arguments with my girlfriend. 

I met someone from your outreach team who gave me a flyer about your drop-in café and other activities.

So, I came to your café one evening.

Talking to good people gave me the courage to join a recovery group in January. I am still going to recovery meetings, and I have one to one’s with David who is always there for me.

I have set myself goals and I am sticking to them.

I used to drink a lot and I was barely eating anything. Now I have proper meals every day.

When I was three months sober, I started to tidy up my house too. To wash the dishes and to keep myself clean and shaven.

These are wee things I know but I take pride in doing them.”


Listening to Mike say these words prompted me to write to you today…

To ask you for a Christmas gift of £16 to give someone else like Mike a chance to start their journey of recovery.


When Mike came to us just before Christmas last year, he said that he drunk all day and needed four cans of beer before he could even leave the house in the morning.

See how he has turned his life around. I am determined to change my life for the better – he told me. 

“That’s why I keep coming to Street Connect. What you do is working for me.”

Supporters and caring people like you enabled us to welcome Mike at our drop-in café and encourage him to join a recovery group.

Can I count on your generosity and kindness today by asking for a donation of £16?



We could put your Christmas gift to good use straightaway …

This is how:


    • It only takes £3.20 to offer a hot drink, a listening ear, and a prayer to someone like Mike. That means that your gift of £16 could supply five hot drinks, food, and support to encourage someone struggling with addiction to join a recovery group.

    • Or a larger gift of £48 could feed and care for 15 people on a cold winter’s evening.


So, please take a moment to pray about this and consider how you can help.


Or feel free to send a cheque payable to ‘Street Connect’ to

Street Connect,
340-348 Cathedral Street
Glasgow, G1 2BQ   

Your generosity and kindness today can make all the difference to someone who is struggling with addiction in our community.

Thank you and may God bless you and your loved ones during the Christmas season,


Ricky McAddock
Chief Executive, Street Connect





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