Geoff came to our Paisley drop-in at the Cornerstone in 2018. “I used to drink. My family had moved away but I still had a step daughter. I’d had a really hard time. I was in a mess, drinking daily. My house was full of empty bottles and cans.  My lifestyle was totally chaotic, living and sleeping in a living room with no mattress. I was depressed and broken and with no hope. At the drop-in I spoke to people and got a support worker who helped us to get on the right track.”

In November 2020 Geoff got a place in one of our move-on flats and joined the Projects Team. “I was painting in the offices. Adam showed me how to do cutting in, which is how to get a neat edge in painting. We get on well as a team. Whatever we do we have a laugh with Adam. At Street Connect we work on Community Achievement Awards levels 4-7. I have certificates for them all! That’s been a big thing for us. I’m getting help with reading & writing as well.”


In 2022 Adam wrote: “Today I want to celebrate Geoff in his endeavour and commitment to his recovery. Geoff made a decision to change his life – and how it has changed! He has progressed dramatically from social isolation, alcoholism, and low self-confidence. Geoff’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. 


Geoff has given 100% effort to his recovery journey. He has worked hard on his Personal Transformation Program (PTP) at Street Connect with support from and accountability to his worker. Geoff attends recovery groups and 12-step programs. He moved into supported accommodation with Street Connect, committed to growing in independent living. 


Street Connect in partnership with Glesga Roasters, a coffee roasting and employability initiative birthed out of Bishopbriggs Community Church, worked collaboratively to enhance opportunities with Geoff. For a year now, Geoff has worked on his literacy skills with an enthusiastic volunteer called Lillias and he has been writing his own book – transformational progress!


Geoff is now a fully trained barista and volunteers in the Wild Olive Tree Café in Buchanan Street. (Geoff told us: “I’m helping out there cutting up the veg and I do dishes & that as well.”) Geoff is a Street Connect ‘Projects Team Volunteer’ and has delivered great impact in his local community. “

During his time with us Geoff also gained certificates in first aid, food hygiene and health & safety through the Projects Team.

When we asked him about the flats he said: “The flats are alright, yeah. I share mine with somebody else. I feel a lot happier and have confidence in myself and that.  I go to church as well. Every day when I get up I’m cheerful now – that’s me – happy. Without help from Street Connect I would have been just lonely, just shut the door and not go out at all and that’s it.”


Adam reported: When I asked Geoff what his hopes and aspirations for the future are, he said, “I want to keep moving forward and gain paid employment.” Geoff now has a part time cleaning job to add to his volunteering and in June 23 the Projects Team helped him move out into his own flat.


 Geoff told us:If someone came to me now struggling like I was, I would say: Just come along with me to Street Connect and they’ll help you and give you advice.”