“I started drinking at a young age to block out memories of being attacked when I was 13. Over the years my drinking got worse and made me feel low and depressed.

One day I was sitting on a bench in Dalmuir drinking when a Street Connect worker came up to me and handed me a leaflet and invited me along to a recovery group. They told me how I could get help and turn my life around. I thought about this and decided to go and see what it was like, I am so glad I did. As soon as I walked in I felt loved and accepted. I then attended the drop in café one Friday where I spent a lot of time talking with one of the workers. He suggested I get away from Clydebank for a while in order to get the help I need.

I thought about this over the weekend and decided to apply for a residential rehabilitation centre. At the group on Monday I got the Doctor’s form, I feel I now have hope at last and hope to get away. I am so grateful to Street Connect for all the help they have given me so far.”