Daniel Martel became a participant with Street Connect on the 24/7/2020. Daniel lives in Kirkwall on the Orkney Islands (322.8 mile away), but this was no barrier to getting involved with Street Connect services in Glasgow.

Daniel attended the online recovery groups through zoom, successfully completing a 12-step program and the Healthy life course. Through relationship, Daniel grew in confidence and became well known, loved and respected. He worked on a Personal Transformation Plan (PTP) through regular zoom appointments with his keyworker and gave his recovery 100%. A PTP is where Daniel put in place SMART goals in order to enhance and further his recovery.

He suffered bereavements in his early years that shaped the course of his life, which became troubled with addiction and criminality. Danny suffers with mental health issues and isolation. The last time he was off the island was over 6 years ago.

Danny works closely with the Orcadian NHS mental health team. His CPN, Hazel, and substance misuse nurse, Tony, are a great source of support. The Salvation Army and Daniel’s local church, ‘The Milestone’ in Dounby, also form part of Danny’s support network. Through mentorship, discipleship and daily quiet time reading The Recovery Bible, Daniel has grown spiritually and draws great empowerment from this.

One year later, almost to the day, Daniel boarded a flight and came to Glasgow to meet most of the people he has grown so close with through his engagement with Street Connect. He was met with his support worker at the airport. Daniel joined the SC Project Team on Friday, met many of the participants in person and enjoyed fellowship and lunch at the St George Tron Church.

Daniel’s timely arrival allowed him to partake in worship at Bishopbriggs Community Church on Sunday. He helped support one of the participants with literacy needs on Monday in the Projects Team, peer-to-peer mentoring, scribing a Glasgow Kelvin College Community Achievement Award workbook.

Another God incident during the visit, Stewart Rayburn a stalwart of Street Connect, just outside Daniels’s hotel happened to be passing by and time for civilities and touch base.

David Connell who hosted the zoom meetings for almost a year met up for lunch on the Monday and enjoyed fellowship with Daniel and was glad to finally meet in person. David Connell said, “I am very much looking forward to meeting up again with Daniel on his next trip to the mainland. I am very encouraged to see the journey of recovery that Daniel is most definitely on. We both share a common faith.”

Daniel’s reflection on the trip: “Although strong in my faith, I still was not feeling that confident about travelling. Now home, I feel exhilarated, exhausted, and happy, already planning another trip before Christmas.”

Street Connect Projects Team welcome Daniel Martel from The Orkney Islands.

Edward Malvin “Daniel has put a lot into the recovery meetings online. I have identified with a lot of Danny’s lived experience, and I have benefited from his input. It is great to meet Daniel in person, he is very pleasant.”

Bryan McCafferty “Be all you can be!”

Stephen Carroll “It is great to meet Daniel in person after a year and a half of getting to know him through the Street Connect recovery group meeting”

Geoff Miller “It’s good to see Danny, when he is in the group he speaks his mind, he is a good personality”

James Crawford “It’s been good to meet Daniel in person and not just online, he is a good lad. Great having a bit of normality with face to face.”

Gary Orton. “To finally meet the man in person who brings knowledge, wisdom and experience to the Street Connect Recovery groups, has been a pleasure”

Daniel Martel, Poem called, ‘Wind it Back’.

Does he like? – Does he know?
By the 12th step – I am jumping to go
To finally meet the Glasgow, Street Connect folk
Up until now – virtual friends – All ‘WOKE’
All at different stages
Different dependencies too
So, we start a meeting with prayer, proverbs, and yoA cheese sandwich made with love
Get a banner for some photos
See, it ain’t that tough
Glasgow City Centre
Outreach worker got to go
The clock put up corrected, shuffle the paperwork, then oh
To lunch, what an occasion
Not virtual, as it goes
Our Lord provides for the least of these
How much more can you love us?
You just need to believe.
We have turned our lives right over
And around. To him, to him, to him
So, Jesus is on ZOOM
It’s our business to go with him
Our virtual church – is a church
Believe and share his love
Today – just smile and shout out loud
Now, go, go, go
In strength from God above.