Before I came to Street Connect, I was very depressed.

I had bowel cancer, with not a high chance of surviving. After my operation, I was accidently given food the next day, which could not go through my bowel and I was in agony. If someone had given me a gun, I would have gladly shot myself. I actually considered trying to jump out the window. I curled up in a ball in the shower in with the pain being a 10/10. I said to God I haven’t been a great person I haven’t been a bad person. If I’m dying let me die a Christian. My pain subsided and I was blessed with an incredible feeling beyond my human and descriptive powers.

I knew I was going to survive.

A few months later, I braced myself for a meeting with my surgeon and a MacMillan cancer nurse. I was previously told by a friend if you walk in and there are 3 people – you better brace yourself for bad news. There was my surgeon and nurse smiling and dancing. I dodged the stoma bag and I was cancer free! Not in remission gone, but cured. I thank God for saving me! I am now a Christian.

Now I am in a much better place and a member of Parkhead Christian Fellowship.

I now have a hope for my future. I plan to become a born again Christian, be involved in my church and become a fisherman for Jesus Christ.

Please join us in praying for Craig as he continues his relationship with God and being involved in his church.