My name is Garry Adam, and I recently joined the Street Connect Team as a project worker. Prior to this I had spent several years working for Teen Challenge UK supporting men who struggled with addiction and poor mental health. The most rewarding thing about my previous job with Teen Challenge was witnessing men connect with God and allowing him to transform their lives.

Connecting with God in a way that brings transformation to one’s life is one of the most profound encounters a person can experience and as I reflect on my own journey, I am motivated by a strong desire to tell others about my experience with God. Connecting with God in a very authentic way has changed the way I view and interact with the world around me. My relationship with God has allowed me to connect with my family once again and further develop relationships that were once broken. I believe that connection both with God and the people we love is at the very core of who we are as people and is a vital part of the addiction recovery process.

My relationship with God has also enabled me to develop meaningful relationships within the local church. Being able to serve in the church and offer support to anyone who may be struggling brings a sense of purpose to my life and again serves as a reminder that connection is important.

Many of the men I have worked with in the past have openly admitted to feeling disconnected with people including families and even children through the choices they had made in their lives and my own experience tells me that disconnection is a consequence of drug addiction. The shame of the person we had become, and the associated stigma applied to us only served to drive us deeper into isolation and disconnection with the world around us.

Disconnection is not just specific to people who struggle with addiction or homelessness though, during a recent mission trip to Romania I was involved in ministering to some Roma Gypsy children who are some of the most marginalized children in Europe. Disconnected from society and often victims of horrific abuse, the need for connection to God as a source of hope and strength was plain for me to see and is terribly like what I see as I walk the streets of Scotland.

Disconnection from God is something that we can all relate to, there is a lovely verse in the bible that says that ‘God has set eternity into the human heart’ (Ecclesiastes 3:11). The need to connect with God is something that God himself has planted into our hearts, and it is something that only he can satisfy.

Working with Street Connect allows me to share something of God’s love and gives me an opportunity to help people connect with God in a way that will positively impact all areas of their lives, the hope is that these people would find purpose in their lives and go on to develop meaningful connections with their families and people within the church.

Mar 27, 2024