As I was reflecting recently over the past 5 years since the work of Street Connect begun, it made me so tha
nkful firstly to God, for the way He has blessed and is using the work, and also to everyone who has been involved over this period, in helping to shape the work into what it is today. The thing that gives me the greatest joy, is transformed lives, as this is ultimately why we do what we do, and have been so thankful for the many lives transformed over this period, and look forward with great expectation and anticipation to seeing many more lives transformed, and individuals being set free.

On the 4th May 2013 the work begun, not as Street Connect, as this name didn’t come into play until the following year, when on the 23rd May 2014, we became a registered charity. I remember that 1st Saturday evening very well, as we assembled a large team of volunteers (as all were volunteers back then) and a number of us went out onto the streets to reach out to the lost, broken and hurting.

So much has happened in this period, and so much in the past year since I last wrote such an update as this (which is becoming a bit of a tradition 🙂 ). As a number of you would have seen in the recent monthly newsletter, there has been quite a bit of internal restructuring (you can sign up to our monthly newsletter on the home page of our website) meaning we now have 3 F/T staff and 6 P/T, with further potential growth coming this year. Many lives have been touched, new projects started (Govan and move-on flat) with Clydebank starting next week, and again, may future developments in the pipeline.

To celebrate 5 years since the work begun, we are having a supporters dinner on Saturday 5th May, effectively 5 years to the day from when the work started. The dinner will be held at Glasgow City Church, 4 – 7pm, in the main upstairs hall, the same as last year. We would love for you to join us in this time of celebration. you can book your tickets here, but you will need to be quick as we have a maximum of 100 tickets available.

Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

Apr 7, 2018


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