I had a good upbringing and a good childhood. I was brought up with my brother and sister by my mum and I had a good education.
I started working at 16 and became independent. At 18 I started gambling and it steadily increased until I was 21. At first, I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had a problem.

I moved to London to work and took my addiction with me. I returned from there and started working in a casino. I was trained as a croupier and due to my job I wasn’t allowed to gamble within a 50-mile radius of where I worked. This didn’t stop my gambling because I would travel to Edinburgh to do it.

As the addiction became worse as I began lying and owing money to family. There were times I would get a break from the gambling. At one point this was between 6 months to a year. But then when I experienced pressure or stress in my life, I would return to the gambling.

I reached rock bottom through my gambling addiction and ended up homeless and was staying in a night shelter. During this time, I came to a point of not wanting to live anymore. I was serious about taking my life.

After obtaining help I went to a Christian rehab centre in 2019. I came to faith and this changed my life.

A few years before going to rehab I came across Street Connect. During lockdown in 2020 I met Adam and he gave me support and has helped me to gain Level 4 & 5 Community Achievement Awards through Glasgow Kelvin College. I am starting the Level 6 Community Achievement Award.

Street Connect has given me so much support and provided fellowship with others through working in the project team. They have helped with my self-confidence and my ability to plan my life, and I also have contacts in Street Connect so that I can just pick up the phone and get support.

I would recommend Street Connect to anyone as they look to improve your life.